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Fast pace of technology and changing trends in markets require 'agility' in operations, 'agility' in responding to market conditions, 'agility' in decision making. It's obvious, developing expertise on something that is not on the main course of operations, has no benefit for your company. But then again, it is obvious, you need to have strong and wise partners to help you beat the targets.

We offer you our professional team members' years of experience coming from the top projects, top success stories in the software industry over the last few years. We see great importance in knowledge and agility. We know we may help you in coping with the difficulties in decision making and choosing the right alternatives for efficiency boost and profit maximization.

I CODE is composed of professionals who have a lot of experience in web applications development. But our main experience is on telecommunications industry. We have developed several mobile applications which have a life cycle of 1-2 weeks. But we had spent more time on developing enterprise level server applications which had to bear hundreds of transactions per second with five nines availability.

We always seek to work with best people to provide best service to our clients. Only working with best people will ensure continuity in perfection.

Software Consultancy

We have extensive experience and knowledge about enterprise application development. We can analyze your needs and help in the following subjects:

  • Process Improvement : We may help your company in process improvement. We may assign some of our expert team members to work on-site with you in order to analyze the processes that your company utilize. After the analysis we prepare a comprehensive report which will include the options to improve the process.
  • Software Auditing & Improvement : We can audit your software as a third party with our professional team members. After the analysis, we prepare a report including the bottlenecks, your potential risks and the recommended treatment plan for your risks.
  • Infrastructure Analysis & Enhancement : We can address requirements in your company's infrastructure needs. We may evaluate the current state of your infrastructure and give consultancy on improving the state, take part in enhancement of the existing process with your company's team or you may completely outsource the improvement process to our software development team.
  • Service development : I CODE team has lots of experience in end-user or business level service development life-cycle. We may help you in development of custom services that suits your requirements in committed time frame, with committed quality and scalability.

Open Source Software Consulting

Open source services are growing in availability and service quality in almost every popular area:

  • Enterprise Collaboration Applications,
  • E-Commerce,
  • Content Management System,
  • Knowledge and Document Management,
  • Enterprise Resource Planning,
  • Network Service Monitoring, etc

It's easy to get lost in this open source service "heaven". Another particular problem is to have the ability to customize / enhance some features beyond the existing ones.

We come into picture here, we may help you in choosing the right solution by analyzing your requirements and presenting the pros and cons of each available solution. Or even better we may help you in customizing the existing solution to fit into "just what your company needs!"

Our hands-on expertise in open source tools and technologies covers:

  • JBoss&Tomcat Application Server,
  • Spring, Seam, Struts as web framework,
  • Hibernate as data management layer,
  • Eclipse, RHDS as development platforms,
  • Oracle, PostgreSQL, MySql as database,

Find your way in J2EE world

Java Platform, Enterprise Edition (Java EE) 8 is the latest version of the premier platform for developing robust, scalable enterprise applications. This platform is a set of coordinated technologies that significantly reduces the cost and complexity of developing, deploying, and managing multitier, server-centric applications.

In J2EE world, there are so many open source and vendor specific technology alternatives for any enterprise requirement. It is difficult to find "your way" in this technology jungle. Analyzing your needs, the right tools and technology decision is the most critical part of the solution. We help you to find the right tools in an orchestration and integrated in a harmony. Then comes to the scene the second important factor: an experienced team. Our professional team members have many best practices with J2EE technologies and devoted to improve themselves for adaption of new coming technologies.

Outsourcing/Offshore Outsourcing

Do not underestimate the cost of providing in-house IT solutions! We can provide you a virtual IT extension of your organization, leveraging a managed team of excellent professionals and solid infrastructure offered at cost effective rates. It accumulates both business process knowledge and technical expertise to accommodate to your specific needs - you pick the full-time team members from our resources and that team operates as your remote office.


I CODE has extensive hands on experience in J2EE and Java implementations. We encourage the usage of open source and free J2EE implementation JBoss. But keep in mind that our team has deep experience in vendor specific products and tools. With our best-practices, we will offer the most cost effective and robust solution with the experience both in open source and vendor specific tools and technologies.

Our expertise covers the following list of open source and vendor specific technologies currently where the list changes frequently with the new coming technologies:

  • Application Server:
    • JBoss App
    • BEA Weblogic
    • Tomcat
    • Glassfish
  • Database:
    • Oracle
    • PostgreSql
    • MySql
  • Application/Integration Stack:
    • Spring
    • JBoss SEAM
    • EJB 3.0
  • Web Framework:
    • JSF
    • Struts
  • View Technologies:
    • Facelets
    • JSP
    • RichFaces
    • AngularJS
  • Database Connectivity and Manipulation Layer:
    • JPA
    • Hibernate (O/R Mapping and Persistence)
  • Quality and Test
    • SoapUI
    • JMeter (Test Tool)
    • Selenium


We believe that the key to effective software development is creating the best software teams. Best teams come with the best players, in terms of software development we see "best players" as the ones who can combine technical skills, innovation and desire of self-development with the ability to cooperate. We are good at weaving our people into effective teams that use the most innovative processes to deliver working software.

  • December 2015

    Our Humble Beginnings

    I CODE IT&Consultancy is a start-up software company founded in December 2015 by a software architect bringing together founder's more-than 15 years of expertise on software development to offer practical assistance and mentorship to business and technical leaders in London,UK and the rest of the world.

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